Physics in biology

Physics in biology

Our activity in biophysics started with the “united living colors” project in collaboration with LANE biology laboratory of M. Milinkovich (link) and Graphic Computing laboratory of M. Zwicker in Bern (link). The purpose was to establish the links between microscopic observations on biologic systems with physical behaviours. We mostly study the different mechanisms producing colors in reptiles but also the impact of nanostructures on physical behaviours like wetabilibility.


As an exemple, we have constructed a real-time rendering model to mimic snake iridescence due to nanostructures (diffraction grattings) present at the surface of the scales. The far field diffraction pattern was constructed starting from the real hight-field of nanostructures recorded using atomic force microscopy on the scale of a snake.



we also showed the mecanism of color change in chameleons through the tuning of 3D photonic crystal lattice.

We continue transversal work on many biology projects nvolving our expertise in optical spectroscopy.

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